The majority of ”health brands” only targets a small group of people, for whom candy, beer and cheat days are taboo.

At the same time, our Instagram feed is flooded with advanced yoga poses on a beach in Asia somewhere, perfectly manicured hand holding coconuts etc.

That shit is so DAMN old and CLICHÈE...

Imagine waking up a Saturday morning hungover, feeling like crap with no inspiration to even get out of bed or get your shit together.

With a little pinch of our magic fairy dust in your breakfast smoothie or oatmeal, your breakfast will be a lot sexier, you will automatically be more fit and your mama will be proud of you. All at the same time!

I want Rawnice to be for everyone who can’t relate to that perfect healthy lifestyle (You coconut yogis are of course welcome too).

Me? I drink red wine and listen to the Wu-tang Clan in between my workouts.

I’m all about the balance.. and so is RAWNICE.

Founder Helene Arvidsson and Partner in crime Jesper Norén.


With the risk of being classified as a weirdo, I must admit that the story begins back in 2015, with me sitting on the toilet at a gas station in the middle of nowhere in Sweden.

I ended up on that specific toilet due to my small bladder in combination with a large intake of coffee during the long drive home from our summer cabin.

Like most people taking a pee, I was multi tasking by also aimlessly scrolling down my Instagram feed.

That was until I came across the most beautiful pink smoothiebowl I had ever seen.

The scrolling stopped. My jaw dropped and my world was forever changed.

The smoothie bowl that started it all...

This Pink smoothie was colored only using the natural flesh of the Red Dragon Fruit. And on top of giving the smoothie an insanely vibrant color it also added extra nutrients to an already healthy bowl.

I instantly became obsessed with the idea to create one myself, and so the hunt for the Pink Pitaya began.

After researching the internet I realized that the Pink Pitaya fruit or powder were no where to be found for purchase anywhere in Scandinavia and hardly even anywhere in the world.

That’s when I realized I had to figure out how to make this ultra vibrant Superfood available to the masses.

And so Rawnice story begin.


Before that moment of stepping into the toilet, I would have laughed at the idea of me running a business with thousands of super excited and creative customers.

And i would probably have answered something along the line of: "An entrepreneur? Me? No way... I'm going to become a writer and get my first book published. "

I still don't see myself as an entrepreneur, but helping people unlock their creativity, go deeper in their health journey and connecting with so many amazing customers have been the coolest thing to happen to me so far in my life.

Life can be a wild ride, right? And we are still just getting started.

/ Helene Arvidsson
Founder Rawnice

Ps. Rawnice have always, and will always be a 100% Vegan business.